Checking Replication StatusΒΆ

Getting the current _replicator database rules is simple using replimate:

Running this example should run output similar to the following:

[ { _id: 'test_test2',
    _rev: '119-c46968d9e7a4485015279b4e3af7d465',
    source: 'test',
    target: 'test2',
    continuous: true,
    create_target: true,
    user_ctx: { name: 'admin', roles: [ '_admin' ] },
    owner: 'admin',
    _replication_state: 'triggered',
    _replication_state_time: '2012-07-20T03:32:43+00:00',
    _replication_id: '922742a54303e0c8aa96b09f93bf55ca' } ]

This data is provided directly from the CouchDB _replicator db entry, and will contain both current and completed replication jobs.